Business Lines

Three businesses by Sawada syuzo

"Brewing" means to nurture sake with a lot of time and plenty of love.
Sake, health foods and music academy--these three businesses were spontaneously born and nurtured throughout the history of Sawada syuzo.

Sawada syuzo operates three businesses:
Brewing and selling high-class sake, observing the traditions of Nara sake continuing from its foundation,
Production and selling of enzymes and yeast products based on the vegetable fermentated liquid devised by the fourth family head Teiji Sawada to protect the health of sake brewing workers, and Operation of "Sadako Sawada Memorial Music Academy" established by her pupils to carry on the will of the fifth family head, Sadako Sawada.

Overseas Division

Sawada syuzo has an Overseas Division to meet the needs of customers from abroad as well as in Japan.
We deliver sake and health foods produced at Sawada syuzo to overseas companies safely, speedily and securely. Please feel free to contact us about product planning for foreign countries and customs clearance procedures as we have regular staff members who have expert knowledge on such matters.

Overseas Division

6-167, Goido, Kashiba-shi, Nara, 639-0226, Japan