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We maintain our traditions through innovation.

The company was established in 1830, when the founder started business at Goido in Nara Prefecture (Yamato Province), the location of our present headquarters.
Soon after that, he began sake brewing, a traditional industry from ancient times. In the Showa period, the production of fruit & vegetable Fermented extract started. In that way, the business has continued under the production concept "fermentation and brewing".
All that time, the business has continued like a stream flowing among rocks without ceasing or stopping. We are very grateful that our customers' generous support and our staff's efforts have made this possible.

History and tradition can be maintained only by continuous innovation.
Innovation comes from the wisdom of correctly understanding the needs of the current time.
That wisdom is to change the way of "fermentation and brewing" according to customers' demands of the time. In order to understand "customers' demands", we adhere to a "Customer First" principle and always humbly listen to customers' voices.

It is said that there is a powerful energy which grows, produces and evolves everything that exists in the universe where we live.
We obediently enjoy that energy and enhance it more through our businesses, and we hope to profoundly prosper and become a company whose meaning is to please our customers.

Sadashito Sawada


Foundation 1830
Established November 5 1953

Representative Director: Sadashito Sawada

Director: Miyoe Sawada

Executive Director: Sadaichiro Sawada (sake sommelier qualified from the Sake Service Institute)

Director,General manager of the sales department: Naoyoshi Sawada

Auditor: Noriyoshi Sawada (medical doctor)


Head Quarters

6-167, Goido, Kashiba-shi, Nara, 639-0226, Japan
【Overseas Division】TEL:+81-0745-51-2111/FAX:+81-0745-76-0005

Sadako Sawada Memorial Music Academy

6-167, Goido, Kashiba-shi, Nara, 639-0226, Japan


Sadako Sawada Memorial Music Academy(Tomio school)

2-3-29, Tomiomotomachi, Nara-shi, Nara, 631-0078, Japan



Year 1830 The first family head, Sadashirou Sawada, started the business at the present place (Goido, Nara).
1889 The 3rd head of Sawada Syuzo – Sadazyuro Sawada started the fully-scale sake-brewing business by using high-quality rice harvested from home field with the infiltrated water flowing from Mt. Kongou. The sake 〝TOUMEIKAN〝 was putted on market as high-grade sake brand up till now in Nara.
1935 The fourth family head and brewing scholar Teiji Sawada devised, and succeeded in producing fermentated liquid using "Kuratsuki-kobo", the yeast living in sake brewing, to protect the health of sake brewing workers engaged in hard work.
1953 Foundation of Sawada syuzo Co., Ltd. (November 5, 1953)

The fifth family head, Sadako Sawada, played an active part as a vocalist and professor at Takarazuka Music School and at the same time she also made efforts to improve the quality of sake further together with Senmatsu Iguchi, Toji (Chief Sake Brewer) at that time. That led to the launch of the new sake brand "Kankikou".

When medical doctor Keiichi Morishita, the chairman of the International Naturopathic Medical Sosieay visited the brewery, the raw materials and the preparation method for the fermentated liquid consumed at the brewery were improved under his supervision, and the finalized version of the vegetable fermented extract "Sawada enzyme" was first produced.

1984 After Sadako's death, the "Sadako Sawada Memorial Music Academy" was established by her pupils.
1989 In the courtyard of the headquarters, "Sawada syuzo Sake Brewery Romantic Hall" a music hall with a capacity of 100 people was completed by making use of old timbers from the sake brewery.
2012 Ginga Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Sanadayama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City as a group company.
2013 Ginga Trading Co., Ltd. was reorganized as the Overseas Division of Sawada syuzo Co., Ltd.

1965 of the Sawada syuzo


Head Quarters,Overseas Division

  • About a 10-minute drive from "Kashiba Interchange" on Nishi-meihan Expressway
  • A 7-minute walk from the south exit of "Goido Station" on Kintetsu Osaka Line
  • A 5-minute walk from "Goido Station" on JR Wakayama Line